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glass Cleaner

Simply Safe Glass Cleaner contains no harmful vapors, solvents or ammonia. Best of all, no streaks. You’ll love how it cleans windows, mirrors, fish tanks and cooktops. Just spray and wipe. Unlike other brands that contain solvents that evaporate and pollute the air, this water-based product will need to be wiped until dry. Your lungs will thank you for the extra effort. 32 oz trigger spray.
Also available in Lemon Scent.

Contains purified water, preservative, nonionic surfactants, fragrance oils and other organic ingredients.


What cleaner interests you?
  • All Purpose Cleaner
• Floor Cleaner
• Automatic Dishwashing Gel
• Air and Fabric Freshener
• Liquid Laundry Detergent 2X
• Tub and Tile Cleaner
• Daily Shower Cleaner
• Toilet Bowl Cleaner

• Carpet Stain Remover

cleaning Tip for - Windows and glass
Most window cleaners rely on hazardous chemical solvents to cut through soils. Since Simply Safe Glass Cleaner relies on safer detergents (and not solvents), it will require an additional polishing step. Clean the window as normal, and then wipe one more time to minimize streaking. Paper towels have additives that can cause streaking. A microfiber cloth is a much better, non-streaking alternative. 

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The glass cleaner and surface cleaner are fantastic - they work fast, smell great and leave no residue. I thought for sure that I would have to use more elbow grease to get things clean with something that was environmentally safe, but I am very pleased to see that this is not all the case. – Jessie

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